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Q.  Contact Us:
                Physical Address:
KM 20, PH-Aba Expressway, Port Harcourt.

Tel: 0802 109 7227

Email: admin@mysmeasia.com
Q.  What is MySmeasia?

MySmeasia is an exciting organization that channels individuals’ passion for making a positive contribution to entrepreneurship development, wealth creation, wealth distribution and employment generation and the ability to make money while sharing this passion with friends and colleagues. On the one hand it offers aspiring and budding entrepreneurs training, business plan development,business funding, mentoring opportunity, networking and markets to actualize their dreams. On the other hand, it offers manufacturers, merchants, government  departments, financial houses and other service providers, opportunity to reach their targets, effortlessly. In furtherance of its ideals it has Smeasia Mart, an online shop that offers vital products at highly discounted rates.

Q.  Why MySmeasia?

Good question! It’s because you have identified yourself as the next big success story, and we will rally all the resources needed to achieve just that, like no other; through our success-riveted Entreprenator scheme. Our entrepreneurship training is world class, and we engage experienced entrepreneurs as instructors. The membership referral program cuts your teeth to surmount the challenges in the market place. The referral experience,rewards and performance awards equip you to weather entrepreneurship storms. There is also a business development fund package just for your asking. And then, we unleash all our connections and resources, both locally and internationally,human and material, to ensure that you get to the top. Would you not rather join Mysmeasia?

Q.  How can I join MySmeasia?

Very simple. On the Front page of mysmeasia.com, click on My Business. On the Member Login page that will show up, choose Sign Up. Complete the Membership Application Form and submit. Then, activate your membership by paying for your preferred membership package. N10,000 for Standard package or N30,000 for Premium package (Bronze Captain). This token fee entitles you to numerous membership benefits including our globally acclaimed entrepreneurship training strategy, free!

Q.  How can I qualify for Business Loan?

It’s easy. Simply participate in MySmeasia affiliate program and qualify 1-StarGenpreneur. By the time you qualify at this status you would have had your free entrepreneurship training and developed a bankable business plan. Well-rounded entrepreneurship training and a success-riveted business plan are the two key requirements for our business loan. No collateral. Our business loans are given to well-trained entrepreneurs and loan amount depends on the specifications of a well-articulated business plan. We don’t give less than you need and we don’t give more than you require.

Q.  How can I qualify for Business Grant?

Two ways. It’s when you qualify 4-Star Genpreneur without taking a loan or soon after paying off your loan, if you took a loan. If you are an entrepreneurship development organization, you can apply for a grant only and you can apply at any level of your membership.

Q.  Are the loans and grants given all year round? How can I apply?

Currently, loans and grants are given in the months of September and October only. The process begins with an expression of interest which is made in the month of August only, giving name and nature of business, estimated loan amount and repayment duration. For development organizations, they submit their profile with a summary of proposed activities for the coming year. Those shortlisted for action will be contacted to submit their business or action plan including how loan or grant will be applied, and projected revenue. The Expression of Interest is submitted to

Q.  How can I place an order on your website?

Click on the product you want to order. View the details and click on Buy Now. Select as many products as you want to buy and click on the Cart button at the top right corner to proceed to Shopping Cart page. On the Shopping Cart page,review your order and make any amends if need be. Thereafter, click on Proceed to Checkout. On the Shipping and Billing page that will follow, review the billing details and select your preferred payment option. Then, click on Confirm Order to complete the order process. If you encounter any problems contact us on 0802 109 7227 or admin@mysmeasia.com.

Q.  How can I make payment?

MySmeasia has provided several payment options to choose from. You can use the website integrated Paga Payment Gateway by which you can pay instantly from your MasterCard, Visa Card, Verve or Paga account. If you are a member of MySmeasia, you can equally pay instantly from your E-Wallet balance. You can also pay directly into our bank account by depositing cash at bank branch or online transfer and notifying us thereafter. If you have a Paga Mobile Money account (which we can open for you free of charge) you can also transfer money to our Paga account through the SMS, Mobile or Online portal.

Q.  How safe are my Card details when I use the Payment Gateway?

Very safe. The “Secure Socket Layer (SSL)” technology, the international card payment security protocol is used to encrypt your card details to ensure they are safe. Moreover, during the card transaction you are re-directed to your card platform and the instructions that you see on the pages within our site  are coming directly from your card issuing bank and any information you submit on these authentication screens are securely passed to your bank. No information can be viewed, captured or stored on any system.