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Partner with Mysmeasia to Deliver Innovative Entrepreneurship Development
Mymeasia is the foremost entrepreneur grooming and support organization in Nigeria. We provide top grade training, mentoring, networking, vital business tools, materials and funding; all aimed at engineering the success of upcoming entrepreneurs in actualizing their dreams. There is partnership opportunity in different areas:
  1. Training Partner: You can partner with us to deliver top notch entrepreneurship training using our world class training content. Examples of training partners include business development service providers, motivational speakers, professional trainers and coaches.
  2. Mentoring Partner: Successful entrepreneurs with mentoring skills are offered opportunity to duplicate their entrepreneurial prowess in others by helping our members-in-training (mentees) in making strategic transitions in knowledge, work or thinking and opening doors to otherwise out-of-reach opportunities. Mentoring partners include successful entrepreneurs and companies who can provide internship and field practice opportunities. Mentors benefit from collaborative learning and support offered by the MySmeasia community.
  3. Health and Security Partner:Insurance companies, Health Management Organizations and other subscription and risk mitigation service providers are welcome to collaborate with us.
  4. Funding Partner: One of our cardinal objectives is to provide soft funds for our aspiring and budding entrepreneurs to drive their aspirations. You can partner with us by providing grants and funds to MYSMEASIA for onward disbursement to beneficiaries as grants and single-digit interest loans, respectively. Funding partners include public-spirited individuals, non-governmental organizations, donors, lenders and assets suppliers.
  5. Discount Partner: We seek ways to help our members to save on operational costs in the course of running their businesses. We are, therefore, constantly seeking to link our members and users to companies and organizations that will provide services and products at discounted rates and user-friendly terms through our multiple platforms. We need discount partners such as manufacturers, merchants, traders, suppliers, hotels, transporters, website developers, mass media houses, promoters, marketers, printers, brand experts, law firms, etc.
  6. Inventory Partner: We welcome inventory partners who will display and sell their goods on our e-commerce platform. They include manufacturers, merchants, traders, suppliers, etc.
  7. Promotional Partner: These are individuals and organizations that make large-scale purchases from our members or engage in public enlightenment and promotion of our ideals. They include government departments, private sector organizations, NGOs, educational institutions, merchants, advertisers, bloggers, artists, etc.
  8. Courier Partner: We need low-cost courier service providers to move our numerous packages inter-city and intra-city.
  9. Event Partner: We need individuals and organizations that can sponsor, manage or donate venues for our numerous events.

Partnership Grades
We have five classes of partners, namely: 1-Star, 2-Star, 3-Star, 4-Star and 5-Star, depending on the number of different areas of involvement.
We look forward to sharing a mutually beneficial partnership with you. To contact us use the enquiry button, and we will get in touch with you.