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About Mysmeasia, Nigeria’s Best Entrepreneurs Club
SMEASIA or SMEASIOLOGY is the art and science of transforming ordinary individuals into world class entrepreneurs. Mysmeasia is an organization of budding and prospective entrepreneurs and stakeholders such as accomplished entrepreneurs, business development service providers, mentors, coaches, government departments, entrepreneurship promoters, equipment and raw material suppliers, etc. It is anchored by SME COOK (foremost business development service provider) and Empowerment and Skills Acquisition Initiative Inc. (entrepreneurship development NGO). SmeasiaMart is Nigeria’s most entrepreneur-friendly online store promoted by Mysmeasia. A purchase from this store is a support towards the development of one entrepreneur who will in turn employ many job seekers.

Commitment of Mysmeasia towards Entrepreneurship Development
Mysmeasia is committed to grooming entrepreneurs to actualize their dreams within the desired time frame. To this end, we offer effective and irreversible entrepreneurship training, assistance to develop professional and bankable business plans, mentoring opportunity, support to access user-friendly business loans and grants, and lead to useful networks, markets and supplies.

Program Structure of Mysmeasia
The program is structured into web-based online platform and field activities. The online portal offers membership registration, first line membership support, ecommerce and automated program management. The field based activities are complimentary to the online portal. It includes personal contact with members through one-on-one meetings, seminars, workshops, mentoring and coaching programs. Together, the two components have provided the efficiency and effectiveness for which Mysmeasia has been widely acclaimed. An integrated affiliate program rewards members by boosting their cash flow beyond imagination while acquiring needed business tools at the same time.

Benefits of Mysmeasia Membership
  1. Membership of a premier world wide SME community
  2. Free life changing, world class entrepreneurship training
  3. Qualify for loan to develop your business
  4. Access to the best minds on MSMEs developmental issues
  5. Practical solutions to practical MSME challenges
  6. Regular cash earnings from the affiliate program
  7. A personal back office suite to manage your business
  8. Provision of vital business tools as gifts
  9. Membership ID card that entitles you to discounts from our partners
  10. Support to grow world class business
  11. Performance awards
  12. Greater visibility through publications and recognitions
  13. Purchase from our online store, SmeasiaMart, at great discounts
  14. Knowledge sharing on topics of mutual interest

Why Mysmeasia?
Good question! It’s because you have identified yourself as the next big success story, and we will rally all the resources needed to achieve just that, like no other, through our copy-righted Entreprenator scheme.

Our entrepreneurship training is world class, and we engage experienced entrepreneurs as instructors. The membership referral program cuts your teeth to surmount the challenges in the market place. The referral experience, cash rewards and performance awards equip you to weather entrepreneurship storms. There is also a business development fund package just for your asking.

And then, we unleash all our connections and resources, both locally and internationally, human and material, to ensure that you get to the top. Would you not rather join Mysmeasia?